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For each safety shoe, you need the right safety toe cap: Steel, aluminum, composite, fiber-glass or carbon-fiber? What is the right choice?

The guidance to the safety toe caps for shoes: steel, aluminum, composite materials, fiber glass and carbon-Fiber

Safit offers a wide range of different materials suitable for different types of safety shoes: impact resistance, comfort, safety and practicality are the features required for any type of safety footwear, and the choice of the right toe cap is of paramount importance.
All Safit toe caps have a tolerance of 0.4 mm: a high precision, considering that the current regulations allow a tolerance of 0.7 mm.
The toe has the ultimate aim of protecting your fingers from the bumps, while the three features to be considered in choosing are the material, form, and use that you have to do. All toe, whatever material they are, guarantee shock and crush resistance according to current EN12568-s standards (impact up to 200J, compression up to 1500 kg).
Safety toe cap, can be made of steel, fiber-glass, composite, aluminum, or carbon fiber.
All the materials provide very high performances: the difference lies in lightness, flexibility and cost.

Here's a brief guide to choosing the perfect toe for each shoe.

Hardened steel toe cap

Hardened steel toe are perfect for those who prefer sturdiness and affordability. Thanks to the transversal metal fibers and to a specifically designed and customized chemical and physical formulation, impact and crush resistance is greater than the classic metal toe. In addition, rounded lower corners allow to don’t damage the sole and greater comfort. On the hardened steel toe caps it is possible to add the pvc joint.
The thickness of the safety steel toe can be 1.5; 1.6 and 1.8 mm.

Forged aluminum alloy and aerospace alloy

Forged aluminum toe cap stand out to be ultra-light and ultra-durable. They are ideal for footwear that require lightness and comfort, but also robustness and durability. These tips have variable thickness to fit the best with any type of footwear.
Instead those obtained from deformed sheet metal made with aerospace alloy, have a constant thickness and larger outer dimensions.

Thermoplastic material

The composite toe caps, of innovative and polyurethane-free and thermoplastic materials are lightweight and comfortable. The benefit of this innovative compound are increased performances and great mechanical properties. Moreover, thanks to the injections system, and special aging process, impact and crush resistance is greater.
Instead the composite-basic toe cap is cheap and light; but performance are really just enough to cover the norm.

Fiber Glass toe cap

The main feature of composite amagnetic safety toe in resin and fiberglass is that they are extremely rigid, so they offer very high performance with minimal encumbrances.

Carbon fiber toe caps

Resin and carbon fiber composite amagnetic safety toe caps, ensure the best performance: endurance and, at the same time, extreme lightness are the main features of this avant-garde product. The transverse fibers provide greater resistance to impact and crushing.